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Brand Awareness Survey

The business landscape has become highly competitive today and brand awareness plays a pivotal role in shaping successful firms. As a brand owner, you need a comprehensive understanding of consumer perceptions and preferences. This helps to establish and maintain a strong brand presence.

We have put together the results of several brand awareness surveys and keyed the findings into “the power of insight”. Studies show that it is the driving force behind brand recognition and loyalty. The main results of our study are presented in this article, emphasizing the value of consumer insights in establishing and enhancing brand recognition.

Primary Drivers of Brand Awareness

A company’s brand awareness is governed by four primary drivers. The brand recognition, brand recall, brand perception, and the impact of social media on the brand. A successful brand is one with a tight lid on these four drivers.

Brand Recognition:

This is a measure of how recognizable a brand is to the intended market. According to a study carried out in 2018, nearly 85% of respondents recognized at least one brand within their respective industry.

This suggests a highly competitive market where success depends on sticking out and grabbing customers’ attention. 62% of the famous brands ascribed their recognition to successful marketing initiatives, emphasizing the value of strategic advertising in raising brand recognition.

Brand Recall:

Brand recall, also known as unaided recall or spontaneous recall, describes consumers’ capacity to recall a certain brand when confronted with a particular product category or circumstance without the use of any cues from outside sources.

This study on brand recall revealed a wide range in brand recall rates between industries. A notable finding was that brand recall rates were greater in competitive areas like technology and consumer products. These brands needed to be consistent and send memorable brand messages that leave a lasting impression on customers.

Brand Perception:

This survey uncovered a critical connection between brand authenticity and consumer loyalty. More than 70% of participants said they were more likely to engage with and trust brands they thought were genuine and open. This research underlines how crucial it is to match brand values with consumer expectations and adhere to brand commitments.

The positive brand perception was linked to excellent product quality (46%) and customer service (34%). These factors help brands build lasting relationships and acquire a competitive advantage in the market.

Social Media’s Impact:

Social media platforms are now essential tools for promoting brands. According to a study on the influence of social media activity on brand loyalty, an astounding 92% of participants follow at least one company on social media, demonstrating its importance.

67% of interviewees said that social media significantly influenced how they saw particular brands. Brands that use social media wisely expand their audience, interact with consumers and forge lasting bonds, strengthening their recognition and influence.


Our thorough Brand Awareness study report proves the enormous power of customer knowledge in creating and sustaining successful brands. It emphasizes the importance of strategic marketing initiatives, consistent messages, and true brand representation. It also shows how social media molds the image of a firm in the eyes of consumers.

Utilizing the power of insight and investing in consumer perception is key. Build meaningful relationships, inspire trust, and outperform the competition by properly utilizing these insights, which will eventually ensure long-term success in a fast-paced and difficult business environment.

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