wisdomise AI

A new wealth management system is storming the market. The platform offered by Wisdomise AI broadens financial prosperity by giving investors access to a variety of tools. These tools assist them navigate the market’s complexity and information overload. Its comprehensive solution comprises data and exclusive tools for both active and passive cryptocurrency investors. It has a fully automated trading platform for passive income that is maintained and developed by Wisdomise Brain.

Wisdomise Brain is the central artificial intelligence system that powers Wisdomise AI’s platform. Wisdomise Brain is an innovative scalable, multilayer AI architecture that predicts, learns, and executes trades with efficiency to empower investors.

The launch of Wisdomise AI IDO on ChainGPT Pad represents a significant milestone in the world of Web3 and decentralized finance. ChainGPT Pad is renowned as a premier decentralized fundraising and incubation platform. The platform has handpicked Wisdomise AI as its latest launchpad project. This collaboration underscores the platform’s commitment to fostering innovation within the blockchain space. The exclusive IDO launch is scheduled for May 13.

Wisdomise AI aims to introduce its $WSDM token to the market, advancing its mission of democratizing wealth creation through AI-powered investment and wealth management services.

ChainGPT Pad— Leading Web3 Launchpad and Incubator

The ChainGPT Pad has solidified its position as a leading Web3 launchpad and incubator. It was regarded as the most well-liked launchpad of 2023. The incubator serves as a leading decentralized platform for Web3 projects of all kinds for financing and incubation. They turn their concepts into workable business solutions.

ChainGPT carefully selects and supports up-and-coming startups through the incubation programme. ChainGPT Pad provides a robust infrastructure for Web3 startups to thrive. The programme aids user involvement, smart contract implementation, and product creation.

The ChainGPT Pad’s incubation gives Web3 businesses the tools they need to overcome inescapable obstacles and prosper by giving them access to a wide network of powerful partners and investors and professional mentorship.

Only recently, the Pad launched Engines of Fury, an immersive dystopian game that throws players into a world ravaged by a mutagenic virus.

Wisdomise AI’s Vision

The vision is centered around democratizing wealth creation. They want more people to escape the shackles of capitalism by leveraging advanced AI technology to make investment and wealth management accessible to a broader range of individuals. This project was inspired by the endorsement from Ilan Rakhmanov, CEO, and Founder of ChainGPT.

Fardad Zand, CEO, and Co-Founder of Wisdomise AI emphasizes their mission to dismantle the barriers that restrict access to structured monetary products.  platform wants to break down barriers to entry in traditional financial markets and the crypto space by providing curated intelligence and exposure to investment opportunities.

Wisdomise AI empowers users to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape with confidence and efficiency. Wisdomise promotes financial inclusion globally, ultimately enabling everyone to become more informed and successful investors.

The Launch Event

Here are the key details surrounding the IDO launch on May 13th:

Token Information

   – Token Name: $WSDM

   – Token Price: $0.02

   – Token Ticker: $WSDM

   – Allocation Size: $400,000

   – Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens


   – Polygon Network

Market Capitalization

   – Initial Market Cap without liquidity: $404,000

   – Initial Market Cap with liquidity: $854,000

Circulating Supply

   – At Token Generation Event (TGE): 42,700,000 tokens (equal to 4.27% of the total supply)

Fully Diluted Evaluation at TGE

   – $20,000,000

Vesting Schedule

   – 15% at TGE

   – 1-month cliff

   – 6 months linear vesting

Platform Launchpad

   – ChainGPT Pad’s IDO launch pad

Wisdomise Brain

Wisdomise Brain is the cornerstone of Wisdomise AI’s platform. It epitomizes the fusion of cutting-edge artificial intelligence with the dynamic landscape of digital asset management. This sophisticated AI system operates at the forefront of market analysis and prediction.

The Brain leverages algorithms to sift through vast troves of financial data. Through this process, the Brain identifies emerging trends, patterns, and lucrative investment opportunities in real time. This personalized approach ensures that investment strategies are aligned with the specific objectives of each investor.

The Brain does not operate without some form of risk management. It assesses the myriad factors that influence investment outcomes. Market volatility, sentiment trends… the AI system employs a comprehensive risk assessment framework to empower users with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

The AI system executes trades autonomously, harnessing market inefficiencies to generate passive income for users. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Wisdomise Brain is its capacity for continuous learning and adaptation. With each new data point and market event, the AI system evolves, refining its algorithms and enhancing its predictive capabilities.

Community and Accessibility

Wisdomise AI leverages AI-powered chatbots to facilitate effective engagement with users. These chatbots serve as interactive assistants. They provide personalized support, answer queries, and guide users through various aspects of the platform. Users have access to timely assistance and support, enhancing their overall experience and fostering a sense of community.

Wisdomise AI is dedicated to promoting equal access to investment information and curated insights. Democratizing access to information empowers users of all backgrounds and experience levels to make informed investment decisions. It is kind of a leveled playground for everyone.

While Wisdomise AI’s initial focus may be on the crypto market, the platform has ambitious expansion plans to include other financial markets in its offerings. Wisdomise AI plans to cater to a wider audience of investors interested in diverse asset classes. This expansion aligns with the platform’s vision of democratizing wealth creation on a global scale.

ChainGPT’s Support and Expectations

Ilan Rakhmanov expresses optimism and confidence in Wisdomise AI’s potential to revolutionize wealth management. Rakhmanov highlights the platform’s ability to empower digital asset investors with well-informed decision-making tools. He emphasizes Wisdomise AI’s competent team, engaged community, detailed roadmap, and clear vision. He believes they are fully ready to transform interactions with financial markets. ChainGPT offers invaluable resources to help Wisdomise AI navigate the complexities of the digital assets space. They will be stepping on ChainGPT’s back to capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion for as long as necessary.