Researcher Company’s Founder confessional bombshell…..

“How my First Startup Company crumbled and failed woefully as a result of being lost in a sea of data without any meaningful insights-


I felt inadequate to be called my Parents’ son and suffered in the hands of depression.


….Not until I became weary, strived and explored to discover this PROFITPULSE Business Accelerator Hack”

That helped me rise again and stepped into the “command center” by wielding Market Research to 50x my financial worth for the past 20 years..

Dubai, UAE.
February, 2023

“How come you are the only one failing….…,


…when there are numerous big companies in this region doing so well, increasing their branches”

My family and friends queried, making me bloated with a premium inferiority complex.


As a young and ambitious entrepreneur,

 I was eager to make a name for myself in the business world and make my family proud.

I poured my heart and soul into my first venture,


….an agency that focused on helping businesses in the MENA region with web applications..

At first, things seemed to be going well….

…..landed a few clients and was able to deliver some impressive results.

But soon, cracks began to appear in the foundation of my business.

I made costly mistakes!

…. missed out on market opportunities within MENA’s complex and ever growing market.

 Market Research for me was like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle….

….. without knowing what the final picture should look like.

And each time I tried to gather information about my target audience,

…. it kept hitting the wall.


Then the stress and pressure of running a failing business began to take its toll on me.

I was constantly worried about making payroll and keeping the lights on.

And Despite my best efforts?


I eventually had to admit defeat and shut down my first business.

I was devastated by this failure!

Plunged into depression and even had to change location.

I was just in my room one day and that transformational thought crept into my heart.

…. I have always loved analytics from childhood,

Such that….

….I would always view numbers in every aspect of life.

And yes! That was the point I realized that I needed to take a different approach if I was going to succeed.

I shifted my focus to market research!


….an area that I was passionate about and had a deep understanding of.


I went deeper into Training and within 2 years of devoted learning,


….after which I started helping businesses navigate their journey.


Started my new business with no fancy tools,


… Or expensive software, just my own skills and expertise.


I worked tirelessly to build a reputation for delivering high-quality research….


…. that helped companies make informed decisions and achieve their goals.


It wasn’t easy,


….but my hard work and determination paid off.


My business began to thrive,


…..and I soon found myself with a roster of satisfied clients.


I was able to replicate my success for others,


…. and help them achieve their own business goals.


It has been 20 years of my focused and unflinching support and guide to Businesses now.


No business without a Vision right?




And here is mine;


I want to make a difference by providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality research services….


…. to Startups that need it the most…


Whether it’s a fledgling startup looking to gain a competitive edge,


…. a freelancer seeking insights to land a new project,


….or an entrepreneur trying to secure funding,


I want to be there to provide the market insights they need to succeed.


You see..


It’s not just about building a successful business,


….but about creating a positive impact on the lives and livelihoods of others.


This is my passion, my purpose, and my driving force.


And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this company….


and the positive change it will bring to the world.


Before you ask about who am I to make those promises and claims….


My name is Azhar Siddiqui and I have been into market Research industry for the past 20 years ….


I have helped nothing less than 100 companies with insights-navigating market Research.


But you know what…


Don’t take my words for it…


Check out what some of my previous clients have to say;



"The feasibility studies that the Researchers company provided were of the highest quality, and were backed by robust data and analysis. The team went above and beyond in researching the latest trends and developments in the web3 industry, and provided detailed insights into potential opportunities and challenges that my business could face"
Tashish Rai Singhani
The mystery shopping service that Researchers provided were top-notch and carried out their tasks flawlessly. They were able to provide valuable insights and feedback that helped me to identify areas of improvement within my business. The report that was provided was thorough, well-organized and included a detailed analysis of the data collected, along with actionable recommendations to help me make improvements.
Wilbur D’Sousa
from Abstract Marketing
From the beginning, Researchers showed a great deal of professionalism and attention to detail. They took the time to understand our business and our specific needs for the competitor analysis, which allowed them to deliver a customized and highly relevant report. Their team was responsive and communicative throughout the process, ensuring that we were kept up to date with their progress and findings.
Anwar Sadat
from ValueX

And before you get to take that wild imagination…..


….about what makes my approach affordable (with best quality) compared to the tools big and giant companies use,


Let me explain….


My approach to research is like a painter creating a masterpiece.,


Instead of relying on tools to do the heavy lifting,

I use my expertise and intuition to carefully select each brush stroke and color,

Creating a unique and customized piece that perfectly captures the essence of my client’s needs.


Just as a painter must first study and understand their subject before putting brush to canvas,


I start by getting to know my client and their industry inside and out.


Through in-depth conversations and research,


 I gain a deep understanding of their target audience, market trends, and competitors.


Then, just like a painter selects each brush stroke with intention,


 I carefully choose each research method and question to gather the most valuable,


….  actionable data and insights for my client.


Instead of relying on cookie-cutter surveys or data analysis tools,


I rely on my intuition, experience and expertise to select the methods…


…. that will best capture the unique nuances of my client’s industry.


And just as a painter steps back from their canvas to admire their finished work,

I present my clients with a comprehensive and customized research report that perfectly captures the essence of their needs.

By relying on my expertise and natural intuition instead of tools,


I am able to create a work of art that truly reflects the unique and individual needs of each client, at the most affordable cost….


….As I have been into the shoes of a startup with low budget…




So the question now is…


Are you ready to enjoy;

  • Identifying market opportunities and gaps, which will enable you to identify untapped market opportunities and areas where there is potential for growth and innovation?

  • Understanding customer needs and preferences: which enhances you gain a deeper understanding of your target customers, their needs, preferences, and behaviors to develop products and services that meet those needs?
  • Assessing the competition: to allow you assess the competitive landscape, identify strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and identify ways to differentiate their products and services from those of the competition.
  • Developing pricing and positioning strategies, which helps you develop pricing and positioning strategies that are competitive and meet the needs of your target market.
  • Evaluating market demand: to make you evaluate the potential demand for your products and services in the market, and identify any potential barriers to entry that may exist in the market?
  • Testing marketing campaigns that helps you ensure you are resonating with your target audience.
  • Gathering customer feedback, which enables you to gather feedback directly from your customers.
  • Analyzing customer lifetime value, allows you to analyze customer lifetime value (CLV) and determine how much each customer is worth to your business over time. This helps you make strategic decisions around customer acquisition, retention, and upselling.
  • Assessing brand awareness, makes you assess your brand awareness and determine how well-known and trusted you are among your target audience. This helps you develop more effective branding and communication strategies.
  • Identifying market gaps enables you to identify market gaps and opportunities for innovation. It gives you an edge to understand which areas are underserved in your industry and how you can develop new solutions to meet unmet needs.

If your answer is yes,

Then I am here to help you slash Months off your Research tasks-with zero decrease in data quality and at bearest minimum cost, without you lifting a finger..

So, go ahead to fill the form in the left handside, as we offer the following services;


  • Mystery shopping

  • Customers Experience and Happiness

  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

  • Qualitative and Quantitative surveys

  • Brand positioning and Benchmarking

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Data Storytelling

  • Feasibility studies

Mystery shopping

Exclusive Spy-Master Solution provide you with deep insights into your business operations and customer experience, uncovering hidden opportunities for growth and improvement.

Customers Experience and Happiness

Discrete Happy-Mood Insights to uncover the Secrets to Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience and Boosting Happiness Levels Among Your Customers and Employees!”

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Flawless Engage-Max Blueprint to discover the Proven Strategies to Boost Employees’ Satisfaction and Engagement, and Skyrocket Your Business Success!”

Qualitative and Quantitative surveys

Actionable Survey-Sense Data to help you Uncover Hidden Opportunities for Your Business

Brand positioning and Benchmarking

Unmatched Position-Pro System to help you unlock the Secrets to Optimizing Your Business Positioning and Outperforming Your Competitors .

Competitor Analysis

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage Package to Spy on Your Competition and Unleash Your Business’s Full Potential.

Marketing Consulting

The Ultimate Consulting Blueprint to help you Transform Your Business into a Marketing Machine

Data Storytelling

Customized Data Visualization Solutions to Unlock the Power of Your Data to Captivate Your Audience.

Feasibility studies

Comprehensive ”Idea to Reality’ Framework to Discover the Potential of Your Next Big Idea:


…..You have 3 options here,


It’s either you decide to turn down the offer….,


…Take a walk,


And continue struggling with your business,


And perhaps, make your business hit the rock like it did to my first business.

Or ……

You make a decision to book a consultation with my team for a “Do it yourself” strategy,


Which could definitely drain you off, suck your time..


And leave no enough time to make excellent branding and marketing strategy


Of course, you know I wouldn’t want that for you…


…. but I can’t force you to make a particular decision.



Or take the last shot..

Making my team handle this with my 20 years of expertise and experience….


To give you the most accurate and insights-navigating data your business has ever deserved…


….to scale and become a Unicorn.


The choice is yours.


Meanwhile, if the last option is what you choose…


Go ahead and fill the form on the left side..


….Before the available 100 slots get filled.