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How To Gather Consumer Insights?

Consumer insights help you unlock the hearts and minds of your customers. Did you know that businesses leveraging customer behavior outperform competitors in sales growth by 85%? Yup, it basically enhances the power of consumer insights.

77% of experts recognize that offering personalized experiences increases customer retention. Companies using data-driven insights are 23 times more likely to acquire customers and six times more likely to retain them.

This is why you need to start carrying out consumer insight to upgrade your brand. And we are here to guide that journey.

What Are the Uses of Consumer Insights?

If we haven’t convinced you already that consumer insights are invaluable assets, we will in a minute. Let’s talk about the uses of consumer insights and how they drive your business success.

Helps You Identify Your Consumer Needs, Preferences, and Behaviors

Analyzing consumer data and feedback helps you uncover key insights into what motivates their target audience. All the answers you could not have guessed if it were a test. What they value in your products or services, and how they make purchasing decisions.

Gaining insight is quite powerful. A lot of times, your consumer base struggles to make a decision on their own.  78% of consumers allocate more time to researching a brand online. What are they looking for? Relatable brands.

Knowing your current market base allows you to mold a soft landing to future customers. Your knowledge enables you to tailor offerings to meet their specific needs. What do you gain in return for dancing to the tune of your audience? Satisfaction and loyalty!

Informs Your Product Development

Understanding your consumer preferences helps you identify the gaps in your market. The next logical step after finding out a problem, is to modify your offerings.

These insights help you develop new products customers want. Or refine existing ones to better meet the needs. Be it introducing new features, or improving your product usability – the change is owed to superior insight of your audience.

Guides Your Marketing Strategies

You now have a first-row seat to quality data on the motivations, preferences, and pain points of your target audience. These insights are yours to wield as effectively as your audience please.

Your marketing strategies are always going to miss targets if not cushioned by customer insight.

Develop more targeted and effective marketing campaigns using the right data.

Crafting personalized messages is easier because you know your demographic. You know how to reach them on their preferred platform. You know the angle to channel your creativity when designing ads. And most of all, you connect with your customers on a level that feels personal.

How to Conduct a Consumer Insights Research?

A recent worldwide survey spanning 25 countries and territories highlighted the significance of “handy” consumers. The survey discovered that companies should equip their audience with tools, information, technology, and support. All of these supplies should revolve around your brand to gain a competitive advantage.

Your strategies should always be centered around your consumers. Before you can carry out research using consumer insight, you need to decide the best way to collect your data first.

Methods Used to Gather Consumer Insights

There are several methods used to gather data from your audience. Only the most effective and accepted means are mentioned in this article.


Surveys are used to gather quantitative data by posing questions to a large sample of consumers.

Surveys are conducted through various mediums. We have social media platforms, email, and (a decade ago) phone interviews.

Focus Groups

To gather consumer insight with focus groups, you need to recruit a small group to discuss in detail. You get to talk about your consumer attitudes, opinions, and preferences.

Focus groups allow for interactive dialogue and provide qualitative insights into your consumer behavior.


Conduct one-on-one interrogations with consumers to gather in-depth information. Allow them to discuss their experiences and decision-making processes honestly.

Interviews offer a personalized approach and allow for probing follow-up questions.

Observational Studies

This involves observing consumer behavior in their natural settings. You access their interactions and behaviors in retail environments or online platforms.

This helps you gain first-hand insights into how your customers interact with your products and brand. By extension, how they interact with competing brands.

Techniques for Analyzing Your Consumer Data

You have finally got a hold of the data pile and it’s overwhelming. You sourced data from various platforms. Your transaction records, website analytics, social media metrics, and customer feedback.

What to do with this junk pile? How do you navigate the data acquired?

Step 1

Clean and Preprocess Collected Data. This is the phase where you sort through the data collected. Prepare and organize raw data to suit your needs.

Sort through these files to remove errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies. This is an active step towards ensuring data quality and integrity.

Step 2

Analyze Preprocessed Data. There are several methods of data analytics used to process customer insights. It’s all dependent on what you seek out of the pile.

Some of the statistical analysis techniques used to identify patterns, correlations, and trends within the consumer data are:

  • Regression analysis,
  • Clustering, and
  • Factor analysis.

Step 3

Visualize Processed Data. Choose the format which is most suitable to view your results. Use charts, graphs, and dashboards. They simplify interpretation and ease the stakeholders of your brand into the decision-making process.

Role of Consumer Insights Analysts

Copy of Consumer Insights Report


With everything that was discussed in this article, you must be convinced of the importance of consumer insights. You can crown it the cornerstone of strategic decision-making and no one will fault you. The secret of a successful brand is one: they prioritize consumer-centric approaches.

By leveraging the expertise of Consumer Insights analysts, you gain invaluable insights that propel your growth. Take the next step in

unlocking the power of consumer insights with Researchers.me. Elevate your efforts and stay ahead of the competition. Start your journey with Researchers.me today!

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