Forecasting Success: A Market Trend Deep Dive

Market Trend Analysis

We create businesses and brands for a purpose. Whether wealth generation, reputation, or passion, no one starts a business without envisioning success. Now, what happens when you start in a new market and have to figure out why things are not playing out as you dreamed? How do you figure out where the problem is […]

5 Types of Market Research and How to Improve Them

Market Research Company

According to The Business Research Company, the global market research services market rose from $69.6 billion in 2016 to $76.37 billion in 2021. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.87 per cent. Market research analysts earn a median annual wage of $68,230, with job growth projected at 13% from 2020 to 2030. Market […]

How to Conduct a Market Analysis in 5 Steps?

Market Analysis

Have you wondered how brands always hit their target markets, and how to use this knowledge to outsmart your competitors? The answer you’ve been seeking lies in an efficient market analysis. Every informed business owner wants to do the best for their growth. That’s why this market has exploded in recent times, and we expect […]

How to Conduct a Feasibility Study: A Step-By-Step Guide

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study checks if a plan, product, or project tool is doable. It asks the questions: Can we finish it on time? Will we deliver as promised? These are queries that come up in our lives every time we are faced with a task. As a business owner, feasibility studies are your safety net. […]

5 Key Reasons Why Data Analytics is Important to Business

Data Analytics

Data is the most valuable currency of the modern era. We generate data at an unprecedented rate. The ability to collect, store, and analyze this data is now more important for your business to remain competitive. Data analytics allows you to store, organize, and analyze raw data to answer questions or gain important insights. This […]

How To Gather Consumer Insights?

Consumer Insights

Consumer insights help you unlock the hearts and minds of your customers. Did you know that businesses leveraging customer behavior outperform competitors in sales growth by 85%? Yup, it basically enhances the power of consumer insights. 77% of experts recognize that offering personalized experiences increases customer retention. Companies using data-driven insights are 23 times more […]

How To Conduct Online Focus Groups?

Focus Groups

Online focus groups were made popular by the COVID-19 pandemic. Every industry was seeking an alternative to remain active. Going virtual saved a lot of businesses. Conference meetings and transactions were now held online. It gave people a safety net to express themselves more honestly. This is also means that if you were going to […]

What is the First Step to Carrying Out Industry Research?

Industry Research

Doing away with industry research is like refusing to season your food. You might still be able to consume it, but there’s no substance. It’s almost like chewing on cardboard. Flavorless. Your business will be flavorless without insight into your industry research. Industry research is indispensable for business owners who intend to stay relevant in […]

Are Customer Satisfaction Surveys Worth Your Time?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What is the fuss about customer satisfaction surveys? Many professionals and marketing experts keep advising you to carry out one. In our current market landscape, it’s almost impossible to excel without your customers being a priority. Surveys of customer satisfaction help you measure consumer happiness and enhance their offerings. A Bain & Company study found […]

How to Decode Consumer Preferences with Gabor-Granger Pricing Method?

Consumer Surveys

Innovations fuel the growth and market returns of a firm, making them a critical component of a successful business. However, most innovations fail in the marketplace. The rate is frequently believed to be between 70% and even 90%, endangering the long-term viability of businesses. This is because most businesses forget to strike a balance between […]